JEM Video

Movie/Photo/Slide Transfers

Tired of setting up your projector to view old home movies only to find the bulb is burned out!

JEM Video can transfer your Super 8mm, 8mm or 16 mm movies, slides and photos can be converted into a memorable video.

JEM Video will add music of your choice or you can provide the soundtrack to enhanse the enjoyment of watching your treasured family movies.

Super 8mm, Regular 8mm, 16mm

includes transfer and music...12c/ft

Film Conversion Chart

Reel Size

 Time (Min)

 How many fit in videocassette

 3" Reel

 50 ft
 Approx 4 min

 28 reels

 5" Reel

 200 ft
 Approx 15 min

 7 reels

 7" Reel

 400 ft
 Approx 27 min

 3.5 reels

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